Losing your Best Friend

I’m waiting at the bus stop
But I’m just here physically
Inside my head I’m miles away
In a place, you were with me

I’ve had a tiring day
But I’ve got nobody I can talk to
I want to call you up and apologize
But you probably won’t want to

Reminiscing about old times
I’m scrolling through pictures in my phone
You meant so much to me
Why have you left me alone?

I want you back, each one of you
Who I so easily let go
I want to share my stories
But I’ve got nobody I can bore

Losing your best friend is hard enough
And it’s worse when you’ve lost more than one
Happy memories kept safely
Only prick you when they return

All of you meant the world to me
Surely you knew that
I cared about you more than you know
That’s why the silly spat

I’ve said I’m sorry
And I’ve even let you go
Please forgive me this time
I really miss you, you know?

Sadly, it’s beginning to pour
And there’s noone to play with in the rain
All I want is my best friends back now
To start all over again

But strangely enough
On the bus ride
An old forgotten school friend
Sat by my side

We talked and talked of so many things
And suddenly I realize
I haven’t lost any friend
My loss is a blessing in disguise

People in our lives are there for a purpose
And when they leave it’s time to let go
To cherish and love those who stay
Is just what we should really know


“Teach me HUMANITY!”

Humanity <3

They taught her to read

And also to write

They showed her colors

From black to white

She learnt how to dance

And twirl around

She was taught golden words

And musical sound

They told her of Nature

Animals and trees

Of it’s loving Creator

Mountains and seas

She learned to add, subtract,

Multiply and divide

Brackets open and close

Rules to abide

She understood that

The earth rotates

That every country

Has a number of states

She learnt of great men

And wars lost and won

Of women ill-treated

Rise together as one

Acids and bases

Mixed and neutralized

Laws of gravity

Made her all realize

That knowledge is power

It comes at a cost

Everyone can’t afford

What they want the most

But the most important

Lesson of all said she,

“They forgot to teach


Learn to clap! ;)

5608_100492779964835_100000123401860_12844_3048667_nI don’t care if you think I am weird,

Doesn’t matter if I look like a nerd

I’ll do whatever pleases me,

‘Cause it’s just what I am meant to be!


I could be the worst poet of all time,

Or maybe my words don’t even rhyme

It really won’t stop me from writing though,

You can read it or just let it go!


Stitching is fun and easy to do,

Getting pricked with a needle or two

Wouldn’t quite ever make me quit,

Come what may, I’ll knit and knit!


When I sing I may sound like a frog croaking,

Or maybe like someone who’s throat is choking

Nevertheless, I am still going to croon,

You can call me a singer or a complete cartoon!


I agree I’m not a very good artist,

No, I am not great with paintbrushes & a palette

But don’t you make fun of what I sketch,

Or I’ll make sure you appear like a wretch!


I try to make flowers once in a while,

The petals sometimes feel a little agile

So what? I’m atleast trying here,

The leaves, the stem, the bud, oh dear!


Photography is my weakest talent,

But capturing the world doesn’t need a patent

I’ll focus and click just as I want,

I’m not listening even if you taunt!


I don’t know if I was very clear,

I hope I’ve made a point here

 Do what you love and sit back and chill,

You deserve to be happy with whatever your skill!


Nobody can judge you for what you got,

And if you judge others, just know you’ll rot

You can be a better person than that,

Put your hands together & learn to clap!