Learn to clap! ;)

5608_100492779964835_100000123401860_12844_3048667_nI don’t care if you think I am weird,

Doesn’t matter if I look like a nerd

I’ll do whatever pleases me,

‘Cause it’s just what I am meant to be!


I could be the worst poet of all time,

Or maybe my words don’t even rhyme

It really won’t stop me from writing though,

You can read it or just let it go!


Stitching is fun and easy to do,

Getting pricked with a needle or two

Wouldn’t quite ever make me quit,

Come what may, I’ll knit and knit!


When I sing I may sound like a frog croaking,

Or maybe like someone who’s throat is choking

Nevertheless, I am still going to croon,

You can call me a singer or a complete cartoon!


I agree I’m not a very good artist,

No, I am not great with paintbrushes & a palette

But don’t you make fun of what I sketch,

Or I’ll make sure you appear like a wretch!


I try to make flowers once in a while,

The petals sometimes feel a little agile

So what? I’m atleast trying here,

The leaves, the stem, the bud, oh dear!


Photography is my weakest talent,

But capturing the world doesn’t need a patent

I’ll focus and click just as I want,

I’m not listening even if you taunt!


I don’t know if I was very clear,

I hope I’ve made a point here

 Do what you love and sit back and chill,

You deserve to be happy with whatever your skill!


Nobody can judge you for what you got,

And if you judge others, just know you’ll rot

You can be a better person than that,

Put your hands together & learn to clap!